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Bundle 100

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Through this bundle acquire 100 Marchal™ Service Credits at a 20% discount. Momentarily we are operating at maximum capacity. Please note that bundle clients get priority and availability is limited.

The “Service Credits” are the general means through which to get hold of products & services at Every credit is equal to a certain amount of time, energy and/or resource (also intellectual property/knowledge).

The way it works

Credits are stored in your annual budget. Should you run low, you will timely receive the opportunity to top up and establish continuation of services. Depending on the activities engaged in, these are a few examples of what to expect for one credit:
– around an hour of custom work from the design team, consultancy team or from the builders at;
– any standard service or product from the webshop based on its value per credit, available at any time on demand;
– service and help guaranteed (in case there are problems);

Any products or services for which credits are charged will be communicated up front.

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The creditsystem at is a way of paying in advance, without losing agility. Because of this system, is able to keep billing costs low for both parties! The Bundle-100 in particular is profitable, because it offers a 20% discount per Service Credit. It is possible to combine with additional discounts (note: the "Kickoff" discount can only be applied once).

Advantages for you:

  • Buying "Service Credits" makes you able to plan any service from, even if the outcome of the services rendered are still unknown.
  • Pay once and receive the credits instantly. No further billing process.
  • Don't worry. Would the desired service be achieved before you run out of credits, remaining credits can always be restituted.
  • You don't get an invoice in advance, but a certificate or proof of quality afterwards which state the net worth of services rendered (and credits used)

Advantages for (which are also advantages for you)

  • Not having to spend energy and money on billing (and chasing debtors) - this way keeping overhead costs lower
  • Being able to plan ahead and maintain continuity & workload, based on the total amount of circulating credits


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Annual partnership

Partners may use coupon code "PARTNER 2023" for an additional 20% discount (note: terms and conditions apply). Click the buttons below for more information on our Credit System.


Use credits on any product or service at any time. Providing flexibility in budgetting and planning.

Happiness counts

Every credit spent, has to make the user happy. This is how: