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Management is doing things right. What seems to be forgotten sometimes, is that there is a choice to take before it. It’s ‘doing the right things’ i.e. ‘Leadership’.

The most important tool in leadership is communication. Your annual communication plan is the way to convert your messages and inspiration to your public.

While leadership is associated with business, it’s actually a very personal concept.

Picture your leadership as the tip op the iceberg. Your actions, words and inspiration to others are what your peers see. But what is deeply rooted under the ocean, is your firm beliefs and built up character.

There is no such thing as “born leaders”. While some people can have some leadership advantages, it mostly is a skill that can be thought. On a deeper level, it’s actually a habit and a conviction (about yourself, the company) that can be developed.

…Leadership is action, not position!

Leadership concepts

1Decide what is your definite, chief aim

2 Believe and then work smart to reach it no matter what

3 Build character, be open and honest, willing to change and improve


There are only 48 working weeks in a year. It’s good to start out well and be prepared. For your leadership, having a solid communication plan is the most important thing. What information do you want to get to whom and where? How are you going to inspire? Which media are you going to use (think company magazine, blog, newsletter, social media, website, campaigns, posters, flyers, videos). What are the general messages you want to get accross? What do you want to be the companies core values and what will be the most effective way to make it stick and build culture around it?

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