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Leadership is about doing the right things.

Everyone in leadership positions knows that it requires a strong personality and integrity to run a company. Especially when the outcome of your choices are still unknown, the only thing to fall back on is your own values and ‘moral compass’ or instinct. These are the kind of skills you will want to develop right away. So you will be able to make the right choices at the right time, in any circumstance. Being proactive, setting goals, and inspiring everybody.

Leadership & Communication is at the core of every succesful business.

  • Form a sound strategy
  • Create character personally, first
  • Set your own values and that of the company.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate!


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Did you know that investing your time and money in Leadership & Communication, will always result in a higher ROI?

So, this isn’t just another greedy sales pitch of some kind?

No, leadership is everything. And you can’t move anyone without good communication.

So whatever your goals are, it is always necessary to invest in personal leadership skills and a solid communication plan.

That’s why wants to show you how to do this, and even let you make profit out of it! It’s all about changing your point of view from short term to long term, really.



OHSAS 18001

Social Responsibility

CO2 Performance Ladder (calculating and improving CO2-footprints)

Safety Culture Ladder
(raising awareness about safety risks and mitigation)

Forest Stewardship Council

QHSE checklist for contractors (dutch)

We don’t believe in customers or clients. We believe in partnerships. Every thing we do, is for a certain purpose.

And that purpose should always be aligned with out mission: “A Happy Planet”. And as long as you want to have a Happy Planet too, we can work together on that. So maybe you pay us for certain services rendered, but you will always be more than a customer. You are a partner. 

Being a partner in stead of a customer means you are still in the lead, and get to decide too. Marchal® will help and guide you along the way. Implementing best practices, innovations and creative technologies/knowledge to reach the common goals.

The world around us changes in a rapid pace. Also you and me should shift from our traditional views (also about collaboration and innovation), to a modern and dynamic way of doing business. 

Marchal® offers consultancy online, and although we maybe never meet in real life, we will certainly deliver real results. This is part of the new, interconnected world. Give us a try!

Marchal® wants you to be happy. If not, we will work something out. No partnership is sustainable without full commitment to help each other, no matter what.

Would you encounter problems or disappointments, we will always be available to find solutions together. Because no new invention or idea exists out of itself. It requires teamwork and communication.

We guarantee results both parties are happy with. And if for some reason a project stagnates, we won’t just pull the plug. We will always hold our end of the deal, and at least deliver on what is promised. Also, we will refund whatever credits you have left – and help you further in your journey (without us).